Bord Snip report

The An Bord Snip Nua report is due to be published at 2pm today. I’ll keep this blogpost updated with the latest developments/links:

Irishelection.com updates
Lots of links to everything published so far

PDF released of the report

As expected the Department of Finance site went down at 2pm just as the report was being released. Luckily I use twitter – thanks to @wesg for releasing Vol 1 on scribd and twitdoc

I’ve uploaded it to this blog – download link here:
Bord Snip Report Volume 1 (pdf)
Bord Snip Report Volume 2 (pdf)


PDF link

Under section 2.1.c of the 2nd home 200 euro property charge law, it appears that government ministers are exempted.


“2.—(1) In this Act, “residential property” means a building situ-
Meaning of residential property. ated in the State used, or suitable for use, as a dwelling, including any house, maisonette, flat or apartment (including a bedsit) but does not include—
(c) a building let by a Minister of the Government, a housing authority or the Health Service Executive established by the Health Act 2004,”

So government ministers can let out 2nd properties and be exempt from the 200 euro charge , unlike the rest of the plebs.

One rule for them , another for the rest of us.



Ladybodyjesus writes on the recently passed Irish blasphemy law.

TwentyMajor also writes about this in hisusual sweary way.

Here’s THAT video that went viral this week with over 1 million views and covered extensively on American talk radio

Now at 1.5 MILLION views and rising.

This is politics for the internet age.

via The Peoples Cube

Weekend music post

Chymera – Parelo

website: Chymera
myspace: Chymera Music

It’s not often that you stumble across a political blog about Africa written by Africans – I came across this one this evening. Looks good, and the comment discussion is intelligent, interesting and educated.

Worth bookmarking. We need more of this.