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Via the Indo

The Debt and Development Coalition (DDCI), whose members include Concern, Trocaire, Oxfam and a string of Catholic missionary orders, yesterday attacked the band’s use of a tax base in the Netherlands.

The DDCI confronted Finance Minister Brian Lenihan outside his offices yesterday and told him U2 was depriving the State of revenue needed for social services and aid to foreign countries.

One wonders how gullible the DDCI are – do they really think that the bank-bailout-happy Irish government will magically ringfence taxation from U2?

I was curious about this “tax justice” group protesting – then all became clear via their website


Over 70 organisations are now members of DDCI. The Coalition is funded through membership subscriptions with match funding provided by the European Union

Ah. Right so. A “protest” group funded by the EU – an organisation that has been making strong hints at tax “harmonisation” recently.

What a coincidence.


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