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Ladybodyjesus writes on the recently passed Irish blasphemy law.

TwentyMajor also writes about this in hisusual sweary way.


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RTE reporter surrounded by FF members at the Fianna Fail Ard Fheis over the weekend.

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Brian Cowen explaining through mime how he is so sorry about the Irish economy

Nothing to do with FF

Nothing to do with FF

via here via a tweet from here

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More #rospars

James Lawless blogs about #rospars – James is an FF local elections candidate.

“why it wasn’t shouted from the rooftops that Rospars was in town and here with FF”


at least he seems to “get it”.

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FF Ard Fheis links

Suzy will be live blogging
Twitter hashtag is #ffaf

Fianna Fail Ard Fheis to be live blogged

Live Blog set up here

If you want to join in the live blogging fun from home you can find us here – Registration is simple through Facebook or Twitter or MSN profile and one of the creators of the session will then sort out comments etc. to be published on the blog.

If you are at the Ard Fheis or watching at home or listening to radio coverage and want to tweet rather than live blog your thoughts you might use the tag #ffaf so they are easier to find. Your tweets can be picked up and entered into the Liveblog coverage.

I’m not sure at the moment what Fianna Fáil’s own intentions are regarding online coverage or if there will be any tweeting, youtubes or live blogging coming from party staff but if I find anything I’ll point you in it’s direction.

Finally of course if you have questions for me to try to ask or comments on anything you see/hear feel please feel free to comment!


Slugger has a live chat
Gavin is there
So is Mark
Irish tweeteratti
FF Schedule

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The Rospars of Ob

Via Green Ink and Irish Election

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George hook tweets:
“We are covering the #Rospars story at 6 pm on the show tonight. Bi ann gan teip!”

That’ll be on Newstalk Ireland this evening.

a comment from Darragh

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