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Ladybodyjesus writes on the recently passed Irish blasphemy law.

TwentyMajor also writes about this in hisusual sweary way.


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Ireland’s fiscal problem

Writing in the Indpendent Brendan Keenan states that Ireland’s current financial problems are worse than the 1980s, and could well herald tax increases for everyone.

He points out that Ireland “was unique in having a third of workers outside the income tax net, and a family on the average industrial wage a net beneficiary of the State when child benefit is counted. The Government has begun to point out one result of this system — that less than 10pc of taxpayers contribute half of all income taxes. Most of it not from the rich, either, but from those on earnings above €70,000 a year.”

Keenan states that the actual government deficit for this year will be 9.5 per cent of GDP. In light of that, the plan to return to fiscal stability by 2013 make tax increases unavoidable.

“The political challenge is to explain why, and the technical challenge is to do the least possible harm to the jobs-friendly character of the system. Which rather makes the banking challenge look like a piece of cake.”

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