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The EU Referendum blog points out something about the Antrim shootings that may be overlooked amidst all the media coverage. This wasn’t a drive-by shooting. There was a level of coolness and calmness amongst the killers that is deeply chilling.

They initially fired a volley of automatic fire from their car – and then proceeded to get out of the car, walk over to the fallen soldiers and then fired a second volley standing over them.

The Belfast Telegraph picks up on this as well , but the EU Referendum blog explains it better:

That these terrorists not only fired – drive-bys are common fare in insurgency warfare – but actually got out of their car (this is highly significant as it is their own personal security zone) to deliver the double-tap suggests exceptional coolness and control – and premeditation. The odds are these are experience killers – they have done this before. If they have not, they have been rigorously drilled by those who have.


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